Your Brand Chakras – The Throat Chakra

What does your brand stand for?

What is your specific message? Is it clear? Does it help? Do you believe in it?

How do you communicate your message? Is it effective?

What do you say when people ask what you do?

When clarifying your personal brand, these are the questions asked by the Throat Chakra. Your body’s Throat Chakra pertains to communication and your message, and is the same with Your Brand Chakras.

Why is this important?

You must have a way of getting your MESSAGE across to those you want to serve in a way that clearly articulates why they should care and why they should want what you offer. Otherwise you will have no business!

Communicating your message goes beyond content. Part of taking your message to the world is HOW you bring that message across  – including your “voice” and style of speaking or writing, your story and experiences, and your archetypes. You can think of this as being an expression of character.  Let’s use a Reiki healer for our example, who has a gift as a teacher as well. She became interested in Reiki because of personal health issues which she has overcome. Being a natural teacher, she is concerned with helping people get over their own health issues as well as preventing health issues from the start. Her style is one that is deeply caring, insightful, sincere and even a bit serious – which we could describe as earnest. While she has a lovely sense of humour, her style is subtle. Her “voice” is empathic and may even take on a professorial tone when talking about prevention. Comedic quips and silly antics would definitely be “out of character” for her.

So, this week, think about how people describe your character and how your present your ideas. Is how you talk and write consistent with your authentic brand? What is your style? How does what people tell you about your communication style differ from what you want it to be?

To your joy and success!



PS: If this interests you, I invite you to check it out further at Your Brand Chakras.

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