Your Brand Chakras – the Heart Chakra

Who do you love to work with?

Who would benefit from the expression of your Soul Genius?

When clarifying your personal brand, this is the question asked by the Heart Chakra. Your Heart Chakra pertains to love and relationships. So, with Your Brand Chakras, this translates to your relationship to those you serve with your offers. In marketing-speak this is called your “niche”, “audience”,  “tribe” or “target market”.

Why is this important?

In order for your brand to be effective, you need to know who could benefit from your Soul Genius, and the types of people you like to work with.

You want to work with people whom you LOVE to interact with – ones that energize you and even inspire you. You want to work with people who love to work with you and really feel an emotional connection to you. All the work you’ve done on your brand so far using Your Brand Chakras – your purpose, passion, mission, values and what you want to offer – hones your brand. They are what you use to become a “big fish” in an ever-smaller pond. They are what really gets the other fish in your pond to notice you. And those other fish… they are your audience.

An important concept in branding is “positioning”. The people you want to serve, along with what you want to offer (products and/or services), determine how you position your brand in the market. Your offers will either be like a low-end Swatch or a high-end Rolex. Generally speaking, highly conscious entrepreneurs have offers that are – or should be – higher up on the scale of position. That is, more like a Rolex instead of a Swatch. This isn’t to say that you don’t offer lower priced offers to your ideal clients – you can and you should (it’s good marketing). But it means that your offers are not “commodities” (like toilet paper) and you don’t compete on price.

So, this week, think about who could benefit from your Soul Genius, and where on the scale of Swatch to Rolex your brand fits.

To your joy and success!



PS: If this interests you, please see more on Your Brand Chakras.

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