Your Brand Chakras – the Crown Chakra

How are you connecting with your people, your audience, your tribe?

How is your brand integrated with, well, everything?

How do you approach putting your brand “out there”?

When clarifying your personal brand, these are the questions asked by the Crown Chakra. Your body’s Crown Chakra pertains to highest-level connection and holistic oneness, and is the same with Your Brand Chakras.

Why is this important?

This stage of Your Brand Chakras is about putting it all together. It’s about developing and refining your brand strategy. Basically, this is how you will implement your brand from the highest level to the fine details that make your personal brand what it is.

The Crown chakra is about connection and coherence. It is about ensuring that your brand is holistic.

The highest level of connection and oneness that describes this chakra is at once spiritual and practical – and it cannot be holistic without that!

On the spiritual side of this chakra, it means that your brand encompasses oneness. It connects who you are with what you do. It unites all your divine gifts. It encompasses your life without separating life and work. It is connected at its highest level with who you are and who you serve. It is an expression of your highest self and the creative, luminous being that you are.

On the practical side of this chakra, your brand strategy takes everything you’ve done up until this point (working through the other Brand Chakras) and meshes it with all of your brand touchpoints. Your brand’s touchpoints are everywhere your brand interacts with your potential clients. These include your marketing materials (website, business cards, brochures, newsletters, etc), your purchase process, and even how your clients connect with you.

One final point: once your strategy is developed, consistent implementation will develop your personal brand to greater levels of authentic emotional connection with the people you serve. Consistency contributes a great deal to the “know, like and trust” factor of personal and business brand success.

So, this week, think about how you holistically integrate your personal brand. How is your personal brand spiritually one with the people you serve? How connected is your brand internally and externally? How coherent is your brand across the board?

To your joy and success!



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