The Sacral Chakra: The Pleasure Principle


The entire universe and everything in it is energy. Einstein proved this to us over 100 years ago. So, it follows that our business is also an energetic entity such as we are. Every energetic entity has its own set of chakras and its own Akashic record, and these can be read to provide you with critical business information and enabling your business to essentially “tell you what it needs”! The study of, reading and healing of your business’ energy is what I call “business energetics” and is my specialty.

Your Business Chakras

The chakras are whirlpools of energy that assist in keeping the energy body’s energy flowing. There are seven major ones: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown.

The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is about passion and pleasure, creativity and manifestation. At the fundamental level, pleasure is the root of desire and passion, leading to creativity and manifestation.

This article will talk about the pleasure principle.

Every perfect action is accompanied by pleasure. By that you can tell you ought to do it.” (Andre Gide)

Pleasure in business is crucial. Your fulfillment and satisfaction in business is the bountiful, positive energy you leverage, in both the slow times and the good. In the slow times, passion for your business will keep you going when others, in businesses they don’t really care about, might go under. In the good times, it’s that passion about what you do that keeps you on top of your field as an expert and gives you that client-attracting confidence.

Pleasure is joy and fulfillment, and these emotions are indicators that you are on the right path. Your joy is tied to your purpose. As a highly conscious entrepreneur, you can no longer make money in an unconscious manner. It won’t work for you. As a highly conscious entrepreneur you will create abundance through the expression of your purpose and using your soul-level gifts and talents. When you are on-purpose and using your gifts, you will feel joy and pleasure. And this is the intuitive key to knowing that you are on the right path.

However, balance is key. Sometimes strictly following pleasure can lead to imbalance and in that way is a double-edged sword. In our lives, too much food, wine and spending is detrimental. This applies in business as well. However, pleasure as a general guideline works well.

Are you passionate about your business?

What activities in your business give you pleasure? What gives you pleasure you will naturally want to do more of.

What activities in your business do not give you pleasure, or that you downright dislike? Delegate these activities! When you maximize the number and time spent on activities you love, then you are energized and stay in your zone of genius for longer. This means you are maximizing your potential and maximizing your success!

If you would like to find out more about your business’ Sacral Chakra and how well it is functioning, you can get your free Introduction to Your Business Chakras e-course at With this course, you will learn to read your own business chakras! If you prefer, I can read them for you – and heal them, too.

To your joy and success!



PS: Your business, as an energetic entity, has an Akashic Record in addition to chakras. If you want to get very specific and detailed information about what’s working and what’s not working in your unique business, you can learn more here.

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