Limit Yourself and Grow Your Business

Limit Yourself and Grow Your Business

Creativity is potential. It is limitless possibility. But you can’t manifest it.

In the quantum realm, everything exists in a state of potential, in wave form, until it is observed. When it is observed the wave is collapsed, and then it exists as a particle. We can then measure it, because it no longer has infinite potential. It has been limited.

The same principle applies in business. In order to have impact it must be limited. You can’t be everything to everybody. You will make no impact, attract no clients and burn yourself out in the process. Just the same, you can’t manifest everything (besides, you would get a lot of stuff you don’t want). You decide by limiting yourself to what you DO want.

Be very specific in your presentation to potential clients and be clear on your message. You can still DO a lot of different things in your business, once you have your client. After all, you have a multitude of skills and talents that you can integrate for a richer client experience and more value. But attract your clients with a singular point of focus (sometimes called a niche). Limit yourself.

Don't just slice with your knife - have an impact like THIS!

Imagine that the group of people that you are meant to work with as a watermelon. You want to make a real impact, so which tool would you use? A well-honed knife with a single point of focus, or a beach ball? Mind you, a beach ball is well-rounded – and its surface is covered with multitudinous points of focus – but what impact will it have on the watermelon? Nothing. It will bounce off! And what will happen with the knife? It will get right to the heart of your potential clients – in a good way!

This is THE biggest hurdle I had to overcome in my business. It was especially difficult since I am a “renaissance soul” (Margaret Lobenstein), a.k.a. “scanner” (Barbara Sher). I have lots of interests, I love learning and I love doing lots of different things. So, limiting myself was the scariest thing I could think of.  It took me a LONG time to realize that I could synthesize what I know and am interested in and hone it to a focused, limited point without bolting, without dying and without withering in boredom. In the mean time it drove both me and my coach nuts!

But if I can do it, so can you. And the rewards are worth it. Remember, you can’t manifest anything without limiting yourself to what you want.

If you need some help with honing and sharpening your niche, from someone who has been there, please contact me.

To your joy and success!


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