Life Purpose vs Soul Purpose: What’s the Difference?

Life Purpose vs Soul Purpose: What’s the Difference?

You are already aware of how important knowing your purpose is, but when people talk about purpose, they may refer to it as life purpose, or soul purpose. Have you ever wondered what the difference is, if any?

Well, let me start off by saying that there is indeed a difference – and that you will want to embrace all three.


Yes! There are three aspects to purpose. The first two are life and soul purpose, and the third is divine purpose.

Purpose can be thought of as having overlapping layers. The first layer is life purpose. This is what your soul came to do in this lifetime, and it encompasses your mission(s), what you do for a living (purposeful work) and the energetic states you came to master (life lessons and other things you came to learn such as compassion, patience, unconditional love, etc). Life purpose has the energy of doing and the quality of passion. It encompasses the realms of the third (material, physical), fourth (mental and emotional) and fifth (spiritual realm of information) planes.

The second layer is soul purpose. Soul purpose encompasses more of who you are. It derives from your core essence and encompasses the gifts you bring to not only THIS lifetime, but all of your lifetimes (whether serial or concurrent). It embodies the energetic beingness that your soul wishes to master. Soul purpose has the energy of being and the quality of expansion. It encompasses the realms of the fifth (spiritual realm of information) and sixth (spiritual realm of beingness) planes.

The third layer is Divine purpose. Divine purpose is more universal. Like, soul purpose, it, too, embodies beingness and expansion. However, it also incorporates the much broader potentiality of Divine Will and the evolution of consciousness.

Each layer is derivative of the other. You cannot have soul purpose without Divine purpose, and you can’t have life purpose without soul purpose. At minimum, you should know your soul purpose. Divine purpose can be a bit high level to be concerned about in your daily life, though it certainly gives impteus to stepping into your life purpose. Life purpose and lessons may be gleaned from soul purpose and reviewing the themes in events and situations over the course of your life so far, via a great deal of journaling.

If you would like to know more about each of these purpose-layers for your own soul, and how they affect your life, please join me for a Soul Vision Session.

Soul Vision Session

In a Soul Vision Session you will know:

  • Your Divine Purpose: the basis of Divine Will and why you can’t fully step into your purpose without it.
  • Your Soul Purpose, including
    • Your soul blueprint information (who you are at soul level), from your Akashic Record:
      • Your soul-level gifts and  talents
      • Your soul origin
      • What you do between lives
      • What higher level orders you belong to
      • The mystery schools you have trained with
      • Your energetic specializations
      • And more!
  • Soul history and Akashic Records clearing of the energies and entities that are keeping you stuck and struggling. Start over with an energetically “clean slate”.
  • Your Soul’s vision for you in the expression of your Soul Purpose in your business (and life) over the next 2-3 years.

This is a 75 minute phone session. The session will be recorded for you and you will receive a downloadable MP3 file for your success library!

All of this for only $897 $497 CAD.


This covers Divine and Soul Purpose, what about my Life Purpose?!

Life Purpose Session

In a life-purpose session you will know:

  • Your life purpose, including:
    • Your element (the overarching perspective you are immersed in, in this lifetime; also known as life school)
    • How you are gifted – your life-level gifts and talents (note: very often these will correspond highly to, and/or be aspects of, your soul-level gifts and talents)
    • Your life lessons (what you are here to learn).
    • Your passions:
      • Your motivational drivers (how you love to express yourself and your purpose)
      • Your archetypes (offers great insight into what you would love to be doing with your life right now, as well as the archetypal energy you need to bring into your life right now)

This is a 75 minute phone session. The session will be recorded for you and you will receive a downloadable MP3 file for your success library!

All of this for only $897 $497 CAD. And no journaling required! ;)



Want to know your entire Purpose – Divine and Soul and Life?

Get the whole package – both consultations for only $994  $777

These are individual 75 minute phone sessions. These sessions will be recorded for you and you will receive downloadable MP3 files for your success library!


Please keep in mind that both of these readings are highly comprehensive, and extremely valuable. The investment will be going up. As well, the Soul Vision Session is foundational to the other services I offer, since they build upon your soul purpose and soul vision.

If you have ever wanted to know your purpose, and especially if you are thinking of starting a business that expresses who you are, now is the time.

To your joy and success,







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