Life and Business Purpose in the School of Service

For more information about life schools, please refer to this article.

What is life purpose and life school?

As a short recap: your life purpose – just to make sure you know – is not an activity or job we have to do (like a mission), nor is it a set of circumstances we need to arrive at. It is a way to BE, a consciousness to inhabit. Life purpose falls into four categories, called life “schools”. Your life school broadens and informs your life purpose and life lessons. Please note that no life school is “better” or more important than another!

Why is knowing my life purpose and life school important to my business and its success?

Your business, even though it is an energetic entity of its own, is still connected to your energy. While you are the owner and operator of your business, your energetic makeup and balance will affect how your business operates. In addition, if you have wisely created your business in order to be an extension of your life purpose and it is thus a vehicle for your spiritual evolution, then your life purpose, life lessons and life school are intimately bound up with your business. They will, therefore, affect how well your business does.

The School of Service

The fourth and last school in our series is the School of Service. The School of Service is associated with the ethereal realm, the soul, and its developmental focus is being of joyous service. The objective of this life school is to master being of service without being in servitude. The essential skill that needs to be learned is knowing when to do and when not to do for others.

Does this sound like you?

Heart-centered entrepreneurs are almost always thought of as wanting to be of service. This pervasive, but not necessarily accurate, theme is covered in the article: “Out of Service”. Any service-based business will be, by definition, of service, and many heart-based entrepreneurs are driven to make the world a better place. Being of service to others is a general theme of being human, however Service Schoolers have this as a central and unending theme throughout all areas of their lives – not just business.

The path to joyous service consciousness is fraught with detours to all places not aligned with service, including your self-absorbed side, as well as the inclination for you to misinterpret obligation for service. The pendulum swings between martyrdom and self-indulgence.

In business, the School of Service shows up in not only HOW you provide service to your clients, but also to the services themselves, as well as in your marketing.

How to fix the issue

In order to find the soul in your business, you must be aware of and experience the “being in service without being in servitude” that your Purpose Rich™ business will put you through. You will have to find the balance between doing what you want to do and providing service (value) for your clients. After all, there is no business without providing value. But, you can’t burn out in servitude either, for there is no business without you!

  • Step one, is to get clear on what your purpose is and how your business fits into that.
  • Step two, is to discover how and where you are giving your power away in your business (servitude), and to get your power back.
  • Step three, is to then decide how you are going to put yourself into your business so that it is not only an empowered passion for you, but also provides value and service to others, and
  • Step four, is to find and maintain the balance of passion and joyous service in your business, so that it is win-win-win for you, your client and your business’ prosperity.

If you would like some help with joyful, empowerment service in your business, then let’s talk.

To your joy and success!



PS: You can find out your life school, life purpose, and life lessons, as well as the directions you can take your business in with Your Soul’s Genius™.  You can find out more about this program here.

PPS: I am a Service Schooler, and I have struggled with, and overcome many of the issues of servitude and obligation versus empowered joyous service in business and in life. This is a complex life school and I can offer you some great insights. As well, it is a life school that does really well working with a coach instead of on your own, so that you can see where you are giving your power away and learn to maintain your service balance.

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