Life and Business Purpose in the School of Peace

Life and Business Purpose in the School of Peace

For more information about life schools, please refer to this article.

What is life purpose and life school?

As a short recap: your life purpose – just to make sure you know – is not an activity or job we have to do (like a mission), nor is it a set of circumstances we need to arrive at. It is a way to BE, a consciousness to inhabit. Life purpose falls into four categories, called life “schools”. Your life school broadens and informs your life purpose and life lessons.

Why is knowing my life purpose and life school important to my business and its success?

Your business, even though it is an energetic entity of its own, is still connected to your energy. While you are the owner and operator of your business, your energetic makeup and balance will affect how your business operates. In addition, if you have wisely created your business in order to be an extension of your life purpose and it is thus a vehicle for your spiritual evolution, then your life purpose, life lessons and life school are intimately bound up with your business. They will, therefore, affect how well your business does.

The School of Peace

The first school is the School of Peace. The School of Peace is associated with the realm of the physical, the body and its developmental focus is a life in balance. The objective of this life school is to feel safe in your body and on this planet. Developing a sense of inner peace and alert stillness, and self-esteem, independent of circumstance, is essential. People with life purposes in this school will have to face their fears – the real fears at the heart of your existence.

The spectrum of behaviour for this life school runs from “crazily running around just one step ahead of disaster” (too much alert/not enough stillness; perpetually overextended) to “just chill, dude” (too much stillness, not enough alert; numbness or slacking off). While most tend to be comfortable at one end or the other (most often at the crazy running end), the pendulum swings from one extreme to another before the Peace Schooler finds the inner and outer balance necessary for a peaceful and joyful life and business.

Does this sound like you?

Peace Schooler entrepreneurs most often have themselves way overextended in their business. They have too many commitments – social, financial, you name it – and not enough time. They are so harried that they can barely find time to breathe, never mind actually enjoying their business. They are in a perpetual state of overwhelm.

How to fix the issue

In order to find peace in your business, you must balance your inner and outer worlds – your energetics. Then you must clear out the clutter and must-do’s from your business in order to have the time and space to be productive and not just spin your wheels.

  • Step one, is to get clear on what your purpose is and how your business fits into that.
  • Step two, is to then go through your business to figure out where the energy has “clumped up” instead of being free-flowing – and then,
  • Step three, get rid of the clumps.

If you would like some help getting rid of the clumps in your business energetics, and in your life, too, then let’s talk.

To your joy and success!



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