Life and Business Purpose in the School of Love

For more information about life schools, please refer to this article.

What is life purpose and life school?

As a short recap: your life purpose – just to make sure you know – is not an activity or job we have to do (like a mission), nor is it a set of circumstances we need to arrive at. It is a way to BE, a consciousness to inhabit. Life purpose falls into four categories, called life “schools”. Your life school broadens and informs your life purpose and life lessons.

Why is knowing my life purpose and life school important to my business and its success?

Your business, even though it is an energetic entity of its own, is still connected to your energy. While you are the owner and operator of your business, your energetic makeup and balance will affect how your business operates. In addition, if you have wisely created your business in order to be an extension of your life purpose and it is thus a vehicle for your spiritual evolution, then your life purpose, life lessons and life school are intimately bound up with your business. They will, therefore, affect how well your business does.

The School of Love

The third school in our series is the School of Love. The School of Love is associated with the emotional realm, the heart, and its developmental focus is love and closeness. The objective of this life school is to master the emotions of love and closeness, particularly within relationships, and to master the skills of emotional authenticity and vulnerability.

The emotional pendulum swings from being over-emotional and feeling out of control, to stuffing your emotions and becoming too emotionally unconnected.

Does this sound like you?

The School of Love is the statistically most popular life school. While you would tend to think of emotional relationships as being the sole province of the personal, rather than business, it applies to business as well. In the new paradigm, business is not accomplished by mass “hit you over the head” advertising, but rather by developing real and lasting relationships. Introverts in particular excel at developing long-lasting, deep relationships. But, in business as well as life, a successful relationship is dependent on connection and emotional authenticity.

How to fix the issue

Energetically speaking, inauthenticity stands out. People pick up on energetic misalignments at a subconscious level. They may not know exactly what they are sensing, but they do know that “something is off”. Simply put, you cannot succeed in business now without being emotionally authentic.

In order to find the heart in your business, you must be aware of and experience the limits of emotional tolerance that your Purpose Rich™ business will put you through. You must be willing to experience the emotional highs and lows that owning your own business will test you with, and you must also be willing to experience the highs and lows of emotional connection with your clients and customers. You must be willing to put yourself out there and risk connecting with others. After all, there is no business without others!

  • Step one, is to get clear on what your purpose is and how your business fits into that.
  • Step two, is to then decide how you are going to put yourself out there emotionally and connect with others in your business,
  • Step three, is to commit to experiencing these emotional connections, even though they can be uncomfortable. The rewards are SO worth it!

If you would like some help connecting to your clients on an authentic emotional level, then let’s talk.

To your joy and success!




PS: You can find out your life school, life purpose, and life lessons, as well as the directions you can take your business in with Your Soul’s Genius™.  You can find out more about this program here.

PPS: Remember that without an authentic connection to your clients, there is no business! Love Schoolers do well with coaching because they can better find and maintain balanced emotional connection with potential clients – as well managing your own emotional balance – than when you are on your own.

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