Is Knowing Your Purpose Worth Your Money?

Seven reasons why you should be aware of your purpose

I was chatting with a dear friend and client today, and in our conversation, she mentioned that I could use my gifts and talents to help people because I was AWARE of them. It was one of those moments where the little voice says, “Stop! Listen, really listen to what you just said. There’s a clue there.” And, so there was!

So, what does awareness of your soul purpose net you? Why is it important to be aware of your purpose in the first place?

Becoming of aware of your purpose and living it, is a path of increased self-awareness in general. It shines a huge light onto who you are at soul level and in this lifetime.

Living not ON, but IN purpose, means living in connection to your soul, and living from a place of your soul’s vision. Your highest self – your wise self – is the aspect of yourself that guides your purpose. When you are connected to that part of you and live within that wisdom:

  1. It allows you to navigate your life for the most potential, and the greatest spiritual development. What could challenge you more – both in stretching the boundaries of your comfort zone as well as stretching the boundaries of how much joy and abundance you will allow yourself? In this way, following your purpose allows you to expand into your fullest potential.
  2. Your purpose is the source of your greatest joy and fulfillment; it brings meaning to your life and acts as a north star for your life. When you follow your purpose, the puzzle pieces of life fall into place – it makes sense. You easily get clarity about your next steps.
  3. Living in purpose, and having a purposeful business brings a new level of wholeness and satisfaction to your life; it brings a sense of aliveness, joy and reverence for life.
  4. It gives you the ability to make the best use of your gifts. Using your gifts and talents is effortless for you – it’s what you love to do, after all! Living on purpose and creating a business that supports that purpose allows you to use these gifts day in and day out, rather than just evenings and weekends!
  5. Awareness of your purpose gives you the ability to make your choices in alignment with your purpose. It really allows you to hone in on what brings you joy and bring more of it into your life. It allows you to design a business that supports you and your lifestyle in the best way possible.
  6. Being aware of your purpose helps you to gain clarity over where you’ve been in your life and where you are headed in your future. More than just acting as a north star for life navigation, it gives you a sense of where you’ve been. Our soul is always guiding us to live our purpose. When you are not conscious of your purpose then you tend to pick activities, jobs and business that contain an element of your purpose, but certainly not all of it! Don’t you wonder how the events and activities of your life have factored into living your purpose?
  7. It brings a sense of calmness. When you know your purpose and are living in it, then you experience how beautifully life flows. How synchronicities and intuition guide you effortlessly. How life unfolds with beauty and joy, like a blossom in spring. There is a comfort and calmness in the knowing.

So how do you gain greater awareness of your life purpose? One way is to look back your past, across your life so far and ask yourself about your major life experiences. What was important to you? What did you not like about situations, people, and places? What concerned you? Journaling about these things can put you in touch with your life purpose and life lessons. If you can only figure out the life lessons from these, you can then begin to tease out your purpose from their opposites.

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