Evolution of Business and the Year of the Snake

Evolution of Business and the Year of the Snake

Evolution. Rebirth. New beginnings.



Year of the Snake 2013

Shedding of the old to reveal the new.


2013 is the Chinese year of the snake. In this year of evolution and transformation, you will undergo enormous changes and vast growth.

And as you’ve heard me say many a time, your brand and business must grow and evolve with you! ;)

And so I am in the process of up-leveling Purpose Rich for 2013. This process includes a refining of my niche. In order to be of greater service and create greater alignment within my own purpose, I have decided to work more specifically with highly conscious artists and other creatives.

If you are a coach, healer, intuitive, or holistic practitioner – I know you are creative! Most spiritual entrepreneurs ARE! So you will still get a LOT out of what I have for you in the courses and information coming up! In addition to narrowing my niche, I am also expanding my current offerings (of branding and design) to include marketing, using intuition in (your art and) business, tips and tricks for artist success, and a whole new way for artists to approach their business.

As I said above, part of the reason for this is alignment to my own purpose, and being more precise with my own energetic congruency – to be more authentic, more “me”. The other part is that I have much to teach in the realm of intuition and energetics as applied to business and success. Some intuitives and healers may find this redundant. If, not I encourage you to learn and participate.

So, why artists and creatives?

I have been involved with the arts since I could hold a crayon, and started my art business, officially, in 1997. In 2008, I let go of art to pursue other interests, but kept up website and logo design, as well as painting commissions, as my artistic lifeline. I then became a professionally trained intuitive and healer (certified Soul Realignment, and Soul Realignment for Business and Financial Abundance practitioner), and I also invested a great deal of money and time with my business coach and mentor to really understand business from a deeper, holistic perspective.

Finally, after four and a half years, I felt myself being drawn back into the embrace of the arts.

Over the Christmas holidays in 2012, I did some deep introspective and reflective work, as I usually do in preparation for the new year. My Spirit Guides suggested that since I have re-embraced my art, that I could be of great service to artists with all I have learned since 2008.

So, I had a look into “what’s out there” for artists in terms of business information and coaching. I wanted to know what had changed and evolved. There are still the same art career/art marketing titans there were in 2008, plus a few new ones, but not many. I read the most recent art marketing books and info, too. It seems that the only thing that has changed in art marketing in the last 10 years is a greater emphasis on selling your own art, rather than being fixated on galleries or publishers, with a solid emphasis on social media. While this is all good and empowering – that’s ALL there was! The rest is stuck where it has been for the 40 years (or more!) prior to the invention of the internet. BUT! There is a whole other side to artist business – a new paradigm that’s emerging in other business specialties, but that is nowhere to be found it the arts….

It is my mission to change the face of art marketing and artist success in this new era. I would be honoured if you would join me!

To your joy and success!


The Artist Success Coach


PS: Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I change things around on the site. There will be a new special report opt-in that will reveal The 5 Best-Kept Secrets to Turn Your Artistic Dream into Business Reality – So You Can Create More – More Art, More Time and More Money. In it you will also find a special  thank you gift!

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