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Your life purpose and your business’ purpose.

Purpose is Hard. Purpose is Easy

Figuring out your purpose is really quite easy. LIVING it, on the other hand, is both easy and difficult.

Everyone has multiple overarching purposes:

  1. To love.
  2. To create.
  3. To learn and grow, to evolve.
  4. To contribute.

You do ALL of these things when you express your unique gifts and talents – your Soul’s Genius – into the world.

Living your purpose is easy if you follow your heart, your intuition, and your passions. Then you will always know when you are on your highest path and thus living your purpose.

Living your purpose is difficult if you don’t do the above and worse if you seek external validation. That’s doubt and fear talking.

We tend to cycle back and forth between easy and hard, especially when we are just starting out CONSCIOUSLY living our purpose. More “practice”- more experience – makes the path easier as time goes on.

To your joy!



Purposeful Small Steps

Sometimes our greatest gifts seems very simple and very small. When we want to be of GREAT service and make a BIG difference, we think it has to be difficult and the gifts need to be of the same magnitude as the difference we wish to make.Continue Reading

Are you afraid to change your career? Transcend career fear!

You are not a rock.

You grow and evolve, and you WILL change your career path many times. What will happen to your brand?

In the course of our lives we will go through several distinctive career changes, and numerous jobs. We are well aware that there is no such thing as job security, and there are declining numbers of “permanent” jobs. People are now independently mobile in their career paths and are responsible for it, hence the rise of personal branding. But what happens when you want to change career paths? What happens to your precious personal brand, then? Conventional wisdom would have you RE-brand and have to START OVER from the BOTTOM….

But it doesn’t have to be that way.Continue Reading

Of Passion, Purpose and Personal Branding – a Letter

My dearest heart-centered, highly conscious difference-maker,

Are you feeling trapped in your day job, career or business? Is it not quite what you’d hoped it would be?

Do you have multiple passions and interests that you wish you could combine? Do you have gifts and talents that you are leaving behind to wither and die? Are you a renaissance soul who cannot decide on the ONE thing they want to do?

Are you concerned about all the different, unrelated jobs you have on your resume and the impression they’ll leave on prospective employers? Do you secretly wish that you didn’t have a job at all, but a holistic, fulfilling business doing what you love (and that only you are qualified to do)?

Do you long to make a difference in the world?

If there was one secret to happiness, fulfillment and success in life that I could pass on, from personal experience, to anyone and everyone, and especially to our children, it would be that you absolutely MUST…Continue Reading