New Business Beginnings Starts on April Fool’s Day

New Business Beginnings Starts on April Fool’s Day

Once heralded as the start of the New Year, April Fool’s Day is the day for new beginnings in business and life.

In a deck of Tarot cards, there are 2 types of cards known as the Major and Minor Arcana. The Minor arcana is basically what we know as playing cards. The other – the Major arcana – is the story of the hero’s journey through archetypes. Our lives are our own hero’s (or heroine’s!) journey and the cards can tell us where we are along the way.

The hero’s journey begins with card zero. This is the card of The Fool.

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The Fool is not actually foolish, but has a childlike optimism as he starts on his adventure. He and his canine companion are joyful, taking in the sun and the scenery, picking roses and no doubt singing a happy tune. Have you heard the saying “only fools go where angels fear to tread”? This is the card’s warning – to watch your step and be aware.

So, Happy Fool’s Day! Use this day to start your business and life adventure new and fresh, just like spring. Reinvent yourself or your business, step out of your shell and into the world***!

Wishing you joy and success on your journey!



PS: ** The World is the last card in the Major arcana and the hero’s journey. It means: fulfillment and completion, integration, satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment and realization. ;-)

PPS:  Starting out on the heroine’s journey with a compass and map is extremely helpful! Knowing your purpose and your soul level gifts and talents (as well as starting out with a “clean slate”) will assist you in finding your direction and path in life! Find out more! Click here.

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