Authenticity and Your Brand

Oliver Blanchard, a well-known social media expert, has said, “People are people. They aren’t brands. When people become ‘brands,’ they stop being people and become one of three things: vessels for cultural archetypes, characters in a narrative, or products. … Can you realistically remain ‘authentic’ and real once you have surrendered yourself to a process whose ultimate aim is to drive a business agenda?”

Now, Oliver, I must say YES – you can realistically remain AUTHENTIC!

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3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Branding

Solopreneurs and small business owners tend to think that branding is for the big companies. It is corporate, impersonal and bent on the management of public perception. This understandably tends to make spirit-centered entrepreneurs feel a bit squeamish. Nevertheless, your small business needs CONSCIOUS branding.

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Life Purpose vs Soul Purpose: What’s the Difference?

When people talk about purpose, they may refer to it as life purpose, or soul purpose. Have you ever wondered what the difference is, if any?

Well, let me start off by saying that there is indeed a difference – and that you will want to embrace all three.


Yes! There are three aspects to purpose. The first two are life and soul purpose, and the third is divine purpose.

Purpose can be thought of as having overlapping layers. The first layer is life purpose. This is what your soul came to do in this lifetime, and it encompasses your mission(s), what you do for a living (purposeful work) and the energetic states you came to master (life lessons and other things you came to learn such as compassion, patience, unconditional love, etc). Life purpose has the energy of doing and the quality of passion. It encompasses the realms of the third (material, physical), fourth (mental and emotional) and fifth (spiritual realm of information) planes.

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