Evolution of Business and the Year of the Snake

Evolution. Rebirth. New beginnings.


Shedding of the old to reveal the new.

2013 is the Chinese year of the snake. In this year of evolution and transformation, you will undergo enormous changes and vast growth.

And as you’ve heard me say many a time, your brand and business must grow and evolve with you! ;)

And so I am in the process of up-leveling Purpose Rich for 2013.
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Are you afraid to change your career? Transcend career fear!

You are not a rock.

You grow and evolve, and you WILL change your career path many times. What will happen to your brand?

In the course of our lives we will go through several distinctive career changes, and numerous jobs. We are well aware that there is no such thing as job security, and there are declining numbers of “permanent” jobs. People are now independently mobile in their career paths and are responsible for it, hence the rise of personal branding. But what happens when you want to change career paths? What happens to your precious personal brand, then? Conventional wisdom would have you RE-brand and have to START OVER from the BOTTOM….

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Your Brand Chakras – the Crown Chakra

How are you connecting with your people, your audience, your tribe?

How is your brand integrated with, well, everything?

How do you approach putting your brand “out there”?

When clarifying your personal brand, these are the questions asked by the Crown Chakra. Your body’s Crown Chakra pertains to highest-level connection and holistic oneness, and is the same with Your Brand Chakras.

Why is this important?

This stage of Your Brand Chakras is about putting it all together. It’s about developing and refining your… Continue Reading

Your Brand Chakras – The Brow Chakra

What does your brand look like?

What images describe who you are?

How do people “see” you?

When clarifying your personal brand, these are the questions asked by the Third-Eye or Brow (Ajna) Chakra. Your body’s Third-Eye Chakra pertains to sight and insight, and your visual message, and is the same with Your Brand Chakras.

Why is this important?

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Your Brand Chakras – The Throat Chakra

What does your brand stand for?

What is your specific message? Is it clear? Does it help? Do you believe in it?

How do you communicate your message? Is it effective?

What do you say when people ask what you do?

When clarifying your personal brand, these are the questions asked by the Throat Chakra. Your body’s Throat Chakra pertains to communication and your message, and is the same with Your Brand Chakras.

Why is this important?

You must have a way of getting your MESSAGE across to those you want to serve in a way that clearly articulates why they should care and why they should want what you offer. Otherwise you will have no business!

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Of Passion, Purpose and Personal Branding – a Letter

My dearest heart-centered, highly conscious difference-maker,

Are you feeling trapped in your day job, career or business? Is it not quite what you’d hoped it would be?

Do you have multiple passions and interests that you wish you could combine? Do you have gifts and talents that you are leaving behind to wither and die? Are you a renaissance soul who cannot decide on the ONE thing they want to do?

Are you concerned about all the different, unrelated jobs you have on your resume and the impression they’ll leave on prospective employers? Do you secretly wish that you didn’t have a job at all, but a holistic, fulfilling business doing what you love (and that only you are qualified to do)?

Do you long to make a difference in the world?

If there was one secret to happiness, fulfillment and success in life that I could pass on, from personal experience, to anyone and everyone, and especially to our children, it would be that you absolutely MUST…Continue Reading

Your Brand Chakras – Unite Your Unique Gifts to Create a Totally Unique Brand and Business

Your brand’s solar plexus chakra pertains to your power and will. So, with Your Brand Chakras, this translates to WHAT you want to offer. Your offers are the physical end-product of the manifestation process of your purpose. High-level purpose moves through life experience to become someTHING that you offer. It is the level at which WILL enters the process.Continue Reading