Stop Traveling in Circles to Realize Your Coach Success

One of the biggest issues that coaches face in their quest for success is a penchant for traveling in circles. That is, circling around an issue instead of being straight and solving it immediately. Or of stepping on the gas, yet at the same time stepping on the brakes – constantly starting and stopping.

Why do we travel in circles?

We believe that success is about having the right information. It is about seeking instead of doing. We always think we need more and better information, so we are constantly seeking it. However, the important distinction here is between knowing what to do, and implementing what you know. You believe you don’t know what to do in order to be successful, yet we live in an age of information overload.

Information is not what’s missing. Its transformation.

Transformation is the changing of who you’re being. It’s about being a conscious creator.

According to psychologist Nathaniel Branden, a common cause of business failure is seeing that a strategy isn’t producing the anticipated results – and responding by going unconscious. In order to be successful in your vision, you must remain conscious, be aware of what keeps getting you stuck, and being proactive instead of reactive. In other words, stop waiting for the Muse, the Muse will appear when you take action.

When you wait on the capricious appearance of your Muse for inspiration, you are once again being a victim, rather than a leader. You’ve heard the saying that the Lord helps those who helps themselves? That’s because the Universe moves with you. You must take the first step. Trust that you already know what to do, or if you are just starting out that you can learn what to do and then immediately take action on it.

Seeking, waiting, and starting and stopping are just forms of procrastination, and they are borne of fear. Don’t let your primitive reptile brain control your life, get the support you need from a coach to remain conscious and keep your foot OFF the brake.

How are you stopping yourself from achieving your vision?  

To your joy and success!




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