Are you afraid to change your career? Transcend career fear!

You are not a rock.

You grow and evolve, and you WILL change your career path many times. What will happen to your brand?

In the course of our lives we will go through several distinctive career changes, and numerous jobs. We are well aware that there is no such thing as job security, and there are declining numbers of “permanent” jobs. People are now independently mobile in their career paths and are responsible for it, hence the rise of personal branding. But what happens when you want to change career paths? What happens to your precious personal brand, then? Conventional wisdom would have you RE-brand and have to START OVER from the BOTTOM….

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Wouldn’t you love to know that you CAN:

  • change careers and not have to worry about having to rebrand and start over?
  • create a brand that will transcend ALL of your careers, no matter what they are?
  • evolve your business and have your client base come with you instead of having to start over?

If you have read any of the currently popular information on personal branding lately, you will notice that a great deal of it is directed towards getting a job and corporate ladder climbing – which you know is a soapbox of mine! To recap, I have absolutely NO use for it because the people on it have very little chance of (a) fulfilling work and (b) expressing their purpose, especially in a holistic manner (i.e., throughout the whole of their lives and not just on the weekends). The problem with this approach to personal branding is that is focused on a particular career path. Let’s use an example of a corporate mid-level manager who wants a change. Her current job doesn’t fill her with joy or meaning and she dreads Monday morning.

What happens if she heeds her calling to be a healer? What then? There is absolutely NO room to tweak her current personal brand! She must start over and rebrand because there is little chance of her current tribe (read: market – the people who are in a position to further her career) will support a career change of that magnitude. She fears that she will not have a market and will have to start over.

But, if she had created a higher level, holistic, purpose-rich brand from the start, she wouldn’t be in the same position.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a brand that evolves with you? Stay tuned for Part 2.

What’s the state of YOUR brand? Will it evolve with you? If you’re not sure and want some insight, let’s get together for a brand discovery session. Just contact me to set up a time to chat.

To your joy and success!



PS: Remember that career also refers to entrepreneurship – including freelancers and practitioners, as well as professionals. It’s not just jobs and corporate ladder climbing. Those in these last 2 categories will not be fulfilling their purpose and potential!

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