One of the biggest issues that artist face in their quest for success is a penchant for traveling in circles. That is, circling around an issue instead of being straight and solving it immediately. Or of stepping on the gas, yet at the same time stepping on the brakes – constantly starting and stopping. Why…

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The Deception of ONE Path to Purpose

Busting the myth that you have to have one path to live your purpose. Of special interest to multipassionate Renaissance Souls!

Busting the myth that you have to be a world-wide revolution leader to have an impact with your purpose. Of special interest to introverts!

Consciously living your purpose is the greatest of lifetime joys. But living it often goes contrary to EVERYTHING we have been taught by our culture since we were born. What myths do we need to bust? Find out more…

Why is Doing Your Purpose So Important?

Why it is important to do your purpose!

Purpose is Hard. Purpose is Easy

Find out how living your purpose can be hard and what you can do to make it easy.

Stuck? How To Get Out Of The Mudhole

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein When you set out to powerfully create your purposeful success, the first thing you will want to look at is your direction. As the old saying goes, if you don’t know where you are going then any direction will…

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  How are YOU going to shake things up? What will YOU create that the world has never seen? Love, Keena Related Posts:Purpose is Hard. Purpose is EasyThe Biggest Thing You Have to Remember About Being a Highly Conscious Entrepreneur in a Universe Made of EnergyAwesome quote by Julie SteelmanThe “Un-Business” Formula for Financial Success

Reconciling your purpose – spiritual path vs getting paid to do what you love.

One of the biggest conundrums that you will be asked to tackle in the course of living your purpose is that of monetizing your gifts.
There are two schools of thought.

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