Are you an established entrepreneur or professional in the helping fields,

such as a coach or holistic practitioner?



  • Are you feeling stalled in your business?
  • Have you changed your business focus?
  • Do you have trouble creating clients because you don’t stand out from the noise?
  • Or does your brand simply need refreshing?





Custom website design and development:

  • Mobile-responsive
  • Search engine optimized
  • Systems integration – social media, autoresponder, shopping cart

Custom graphic design to express the essence of your business brand:

  • Logo design
  • Online: website and social media graphics
  • Offline: business cards & marketing collateral

Copywriting services for marketing your business.

  • Website pages
  • Sales pages


Paintings, predominantly of nature, in acrylics and oils – for your home and your office; created by an award-winning artist (who exhibited her art at a group show at the 2010 Winter Olympics – with none other than Robert Bateman (a long-time idol)!).

And for branding your business!

  • unique, hand-drawn/hand-painted website backgrounds and graphics
  • custom paintings to use as backdrops for video filming, that correspond to your website and marketing materials

…and the BIZ


Business coaching and strategic consulting for all aspects of creating and growing your business.

These include:

  • Creating a business that is aligned with “who you are” – your genius, your superpowers – your gifts, skills, passion and purpose
  • Brand vision and strategy. A strong focus on powerful branding will help you create a more resilient and profitable business, with less marketing effort.
  • Online and offline marketing
  • Troubleshooting when issues come up, or you are feeling like your business is stuck. Many of my clients are “right-brained” – creative and intuitive. The last thing you’ll want to do is analyze metrics. How about some intuitive insight?

As an artist, I prefer visual coaching. While this is not always feasible over the phone, you will often get visual “takeaways” from our sessions. Strategy sessions include a visual “map” of your strategy, since visuals increase learning and/or comprehension and make it more enjoyable. When was the last time your brand strategy was not only understandable, but enjoyable, too?!

Business Vision and Strategy Session

Feel like your business could use a boost? Not sure where it’s going or what it needs to get it back on the right track? Then this coaching session is for you!

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KEENA: Business. Artist.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.” [Rumi]

I believe that beauty appeals to our highest spiritual qualities. And that a work of art or beautifully crafted brand gives one greater confidence, a higher sense of self  and joyful pleasure.

As an artist and designer, my work is energized by a passion for stunning imagery, remarkable concepts, exceptional design and evocative details. To me, art enhances the experience of being alive. It facilitates the expression of who-you-are; your style; your taste. And, in business, a lovingly-created visual brand identity truly IS a work of art.

As a business coach, I believe in the power of transformation. Transformation of your passionate idea into a thriving business starts from within; transformation of our fearful, doubtful small selves into our confident, powerful and beautiful true selves.

We thrive and our business thrives.

If you are an established entrepreneur or professional working in the helping space, such as coach or holistic practitioner, who is feeling stalled in their business, has changed their focus, wants to stand out from the crowd or simply needs refreshing, then I would love to work with you!